20 Realities Of Med School That Nobody Warns You About

Truth and absolute facts

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1. You no longer bat an eyelash at telling random strangers to take their clothes off.

2. You’ve also seen your classmates in various states of undress.

3. You learn to recognize the smell of burnt human flesh during surgery.

4. You will have diagnosed yourself with at least 4 different life-threatening conditions and 2 psychiatric ones by the end of second year.

5. Nobody respects you in the hospital – not the doctors, not the nurses.  The only respect you might get is from pre-meds who don’t know any better.  If you’re lucky.

6. It will take you 10 minutes to do what your resident can do in 2 min. 8 of those minutes will be you sweating over which vein to cannulate.    

7. You will compliment at least one patient on their veins.

8. Your choice of dinner conversation will be constantly…

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My Calling To You…

I jump and leap to the thought of you, to every little thing that reminds of you..

A silent laugh, a dreadful grunt or a sobbing sigh, I feel it.

Although I don’t dare and say much but I see you..

My smiles, nods and glares are for you, calling to you,

To investigate a lost soul among the ashes of the human mundane

Looking to build a shiny figure in the company of your soul to endeavour

The sweetness that life pertains

Although my words are much too much on most occasions but boy they give a lot

They hand you my strengths and my weaknesses, my visions, my dreams, my blind spots, and my deafening heart, that continues to beat till it silences the screams of despair that are have made me hollow..

I creep to you, in the night, to reach for your soft of hearts, your kind of words, the face of your last of faces… to feel secure

I call and I reach and I creep yet I leap with little to be found and nothing to be vowed,

But I still sleep, so I can wake up with more smiles to unbroken, laughs to be unspoken and may be feel grief tracing away so my spirit can jump free in Desiree..

For I am a happy spirit, locked in a world of loopy thoughts

Excuse me sir; but I heard you have my key

Can your heart unlock me free?!

The 3 Love Types: How To Identify Your Love Type And Find The Right Partner

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I often talk about what I call the 4 pillars of the good life. Those are wealth, health, love, and happiness. Getting these things right, I believe, is the key to living a long and fruitful life. I do believe that one of them is more important than the rest. If you don’t get the relationship and social aspect of life down, it really wont matter much if you have the other three right. As human beings we are wired for connection, we crave it, and it is essential part of our being. It is no coincidence that people who are depressed often feel separate from the world. Today I am going to go into the specific area of romantic relationships.

I have not been the most careful about selecting the women that I have been with. Sometimes it was a matter of convenience, and other times it was…

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