A Pleasant Encounter

This is a small recount of the two weeks I spentin the beautiful city of Stockholm…

En Trevlig Upplevelse…Stockholm-Old-Town-Sweden

A few days ago, I got back from a two weeks trip to the lovely Nordic city of Stockholm. The Venice of the north as they call it. It was rather a soul awakening experience, in a subtle extravagant way.

I am not used to write travel guides or guides to enjoying the different experiences trips across the face of earth can offer. But I am going to recount the little things, the big things that Stockholm has offered me in a short trip, along side the many little lost things in between. My visit was for work, heavy with a course on Transplantation Immunology, it’s secrets and recent breakthroughs in one of the most renowned institutes in the world; an institute where you happen to engage in endless conversations and limitless discussions with Nobel Prize Laureates and candidates who have managed to enthral the scientific communion with profound discoveries. it was very humbling and gratifying at the same time. Especially, since I am coming from a small humble big country. It was the most cherished experiences.

During the heavy course schedule, I used to long for the many coffee breaks, where conversations become intermingled with jokes light cakes in a purely sacred tradition of Swedish “Fika”… which is a must. Need it not be coffee, but tea, all is allowed, but it is considered disrespectful to refuse a Swedish bun offered to you along with a broad friendly heart warming smile.

After the intense course days, I started to roam around the streets of Stockholm, almost aimlessly to enjoy its simple, soul enriching beauty. hoping to get lost so I can get to see more and enjoy those last days of winter mixed with some sunny warm days of spring, although during the first days of spring I witnessed some winter infused weather with frosted rain drops, winds and snow – And they call it spring.

Taking the tube every day, to the centre of the stockholm walking the roads busy with shoppers, a few street performers and people heading to their businesses minding it along the way. Walking around has opened my eyes to the many different types of individuals roaming the city from the very poor gypsies of Romania and Bulgaria; shouting ” Hej Hej, Tjena SOFIA!! SOFIA!!” looking for a few swedish crowns to go by their day to the couples walking hand in hand in love, along the school kids breaking some heart warming laughters every now and the old enjoying an afternoon walking slowly along the interesections with their canes or walking aides to enjoy a long read by some lake or some fika in outdoor cafe especially if the weather helps. I used to look at their different expressions to try and guess what they go through their daily routines, what makes them happy or what is painting their souls grim cold colours. I expect you to wonder, how can a solid scientific mind describe and contemplate life in a crude artistic vibe; and my response to that will be that I saw the dress as pure Black and Blue and not a thread of white or gold in it. I just like to look at life in a warmer, more dreamy romantic way, to kill the cold harshness of my routine reality.

Walking through Drottinggatan (Queen’s road) I looked for everything in everyone, exchanging smiles and pardons along my way until I find myself transcended to a soft yet cruel era of medieval times as the old town called Gamla Stan wraps in it’s arms swallowing me to it’s sheer beauty and it’s narrow crocked paths, making me wonder how the ancestors of this great quiet cold nation have lived, let lived and offered us, the scholars from the warmest of lands in the deepest deserts of Africa. I walked mostly with a grin drawn on my face, as I sucked in all that beauty, explored its little souvenir shops and old ragged bookshops and more. It yielded me a new revived spirit, longing for more simple enriching experiences as I walked by the small bay where tourists looked to get on cruise ships to explore the northern sea. It became one of my favourite places on this earth. Especially when I enjoyed a long sitting in some of its authentic bars and cafes such as the world famous Jazz Pub Stampen.


Now you know where to find me if we’re ever in Stockholm…

Please do pardon my long almost too personal artistic not so accurate recount of an almost utopian city.

This was not my first trip to Sweden, hence as I mentioned this is a small


2 thoughts on “A Pleasant Encounter

    • RioGoda says:

      Hey CurvyLou .. I am glad you liked it. Not many people are aware of how beautiful Stockholm is and I thought to give my view of it. I am glad you were able to see that through my words. It is definitely a must visit city, especially in the summer. 😊

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