The Emptiness of Nothing

This my poem which I have written a while ago.


by Rayan Goda
I have a heart that leaps for words..
Be it spoken,written or sung.. I am all ears.
My mind is cluttered with much but to my dismay it all comes to my delay
Hopeful as I am, I jump, I leap and I skip to each thought of you; my thee, my lost but unforgotten.
My recollections of what to come has proved to be the hindering effect..
The wall that stood between us..
As a shield, holding us, fighting our dreams and killing our rare and scarce sanities.
Our realisms’ are objectified, emulsified into pure fantasies as we wonder…
Where are we? What are we? And what are to speak?…
Our hearts or our minds
Perhaps a refined, touched up merger of both…
Our mere recollections of nothing!!
Or shall we seal the alternative, and choose to be serene, among the silent to convene, the deaf…

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