Target My Dream Audience – The Artists within Us.

When I first laid eyes on or read today’s task I was a bit skeptical as I couldn’t breakdown the title Dream Audience. For I would like my blog to target as much people as possible, connect with their daily lives, and simple relate to them without bias or prejudice to a certain category. 

Then coming to think about it, as a writer I love to write about non fiction fictitious little things that most people relate to. To some people it might seem artsy and boring, because some people seek to escape their realities by reading pieces of pure fiction. Some pieces to ease up life’s daily shocks and bumps that tend to crack us into a different shape everyday. 

Coming to this life as premature preterm baby girl, and later digging through life to become an established doctor, who has a pure elastic non-stop relation with sentiment, the usually untouched sincere feelings that even artists refuse to give in to. I have come to bare a lot and tolerate more than most individuals can endure. Hence, I like to think we can all connect and relate to daily matters in a different way, approach or perspective. Being that sensitive has labelled me as a artistic, overly sensitive individual; rather than a rough, level-headed, scientifically sound doctor.  

I can not claim to be an artist, but I highly appreciate the arts. Have you ever been to the theater to watch a random play or musical and you somehow connected to it more than you ever imagined you possibly could? I tend to look at the little illustrations around the stage, the details of their costumes, the pauses between the lines and the play’s identity if I was a living persona in the context of such an atmosphere or a living part in the play’s era in time. I try to grasp all that while I keep on watching and enjoying the great experience. Therefore, every time I say a play it is different a drastic way. May be it is the case for most of us, but I like to think I am a tad more absorbent, creative or shall I say dreamy that most. 

What if you have the opportunity to retell the story of another writer in your words, scenes and genre? would you be thrilled, intimidated or excited to do it? I am not a director but I think a little mind play or puzzle can often offer a substantial influx of positive thoughts, an aura of realistic awareness of being, as if you have suddenly been reconnected to your soul. So, why not? after all such type of stimulation, can be overly romantic to some, it happens to us more often than we think. Because we lead our daily lives remotely, guided by the killer dull routine as if we are numb, with no conjure and no sparkle. I don’t want to debate on a deep life conundrum here, but a little bit can mean much. 

I believe each person can paint their own enigmatic world, even if only at the level of subconscious. Call it dreamy, romantic bullocks but it tells a lot, and kind of liberate our beings to living harmoniously.

Now I shall confess to be an artist doctor, who understands not much of the arts nor it’s tales, but I tend to appreciate it and live within it’s context daily. Be it a poem, a painting, a play or even an opera concert, it all can mean something to each and every single person in this world. Remember, beauty is on the eye of the beholder. 

5 thoughts on “Target My Dream Audience – The Artists within Us.

  1. maggiepea says:

    I LOVE your Blog Title: Silver Thoughts and your tags. I like that you want to just connect with people at a common place within us all that is boundless, no distinctive tags or labels. I believe we all have a common core and that we can all connect in respect to that. Great blog.


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