The Tale of Tides and The Less Fortunate

I don’t know whats up with me …
I am not able to even think straight ..
Should I let my feelings drift my mind astray …
Should I even be too classified , too open or too dified ??
Shifted by the currents as the waves carry me from shore to shore …
Killing through the bore
Yet stinging me with thorns carried along the high tide …
It stings , it hurts , it bleeds ….

I wait and I pray for my suffering dont lay me in a grave
In the land where only the foolish were the dames, dukes of mortuary…
Where saddness colours the skies and rain plays symphonies of rhyme
Still I sit and lay down my flowers in tribute
To those lost among the stories of time …

Shutting down my mind in pure fatigue
From thinking , feeling and remembering ..
Every glimpse, every moment and every glare ..
That has struck me among the unfortunate to bare….
For I am indeed the less fortunate ..
For all is fair they say in love and war …
But is such fairness is what we acclaim?!! …
My only wish is to rest and forget by the world forgot ,
For so Alex the Pope has once told the story of Eloisa and Abelard and said:

” Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned;
Labour and rest that equal periods keep
Obdient slumbers that can wake and weep!”

So I’ll weep and …
I’ll keep my solitude heavy , when my soul strives
In the shrines ever closed among the dead at heart , at time …
Till the day comes and the story is set to be told by the less advantaged …
The less acclaimed to the simplest rights;
Of love and passion mixture of poison and wine
Later in time – when the future sings its lullabies
To the less joyed , to keep them less or more alive !!!!

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